Texas Dalls

Texas Dalls (aka Bighorn Sheep) is a species of sheep native to North America.

These sheep are named for their large horns which can weigh up to 30 lb (14 kg), while the sheep themselves weigh up to 300 lb (140 kg).

Bighorn sheep graze on grasses and browse shrubs, particularly in fall and winter, and seek minerals at natural salt licks.[22] Females tend to forage and walk, possibly to avoid predators and protect lambs,[24] while males tend to eat and then rest and ruminate, which lends to more effective digestion and greater increase in body size.

Bighorn sheep live in large herds, and do not typically follow a single leader ram,

Two hundred years ago, bighorn sheep were widespread throughout the western US, Canada, and northern Mexico. Some estimates placed their population at over 2 million. By around 1900, hunting, competition from ranching, and diseases had decreased the population to several thousand. A program of reintroductions, natural parks, and reduced hunting, together with a decrease in domesticated sheep near the end of World War II, allowed the bighorn sheep to make a comeback.