Nilgai(Boselaphus tragocamelus), sometimes called nilgau, is the largest Asian antelope.

Although mostly found in India, wild populations also exist in the US states of Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas and the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, where they have escaped from private exotic ranches.

The males have two black and cone-like horns and are larger than the females.Nilgai have thin legs and a robust body that slopes down from the shoulder. Adult males have a grey to bluish-grey coat, with white spots on the cheeks and white colouring on the edges of the lips. They also have a white throat bib and a narrow white stripe along the underside of the body that widens at the rear. The tips of the long, tufted tail and of the ears are black. They also possess a tubular-shaped "pennant" of long, coarse hair on the midsection of the throat

Females and young are tawny brown in colour, although otherwise with similar markings to the male; they have no horns and only a very small "pennant".